Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quiet (but noisy) in Libertopia

It's been quiet in Libertopia. Not much to report. Just people doing the things that mean the most to them and that give their lives purpose. Those particular things differ from person to person; having as many individual answers as there are people. Well, guess what. Your actions in your today, there in my past, are ultimately responsible for creating Libertopia, my Libertopia and yours, tomorrow. In my present.

It has already happened, so even events that seem to be destructive to individual liberty end up creating that which they try to prevent. Your States are sealing their own fates by their anti-liberty actions. Isn't that ironic?

What a happy tangent. Anyway, back to the point. I should probably explain "quiet". I suppose Libertopia is quiet in some ways, but rather noisy in ways that those unaccustomed to liberty might not expect.

It is quiet in the sense that there is no crime. There are occasional acts that violate a right and create a debt, but since there is no State to make "laws", there is no "crime".

But Libertopia is not quiet in the sense that there is a vibrant culture creating, experimenting, and exploring all around us. And living life to the fullest. That sometimes makes a ruckus. No one really seems to mind, and if they do it is simple to fix the problem.

Just think about it. What is it that you most would want to do if there was no one telling you it was forbidden or ordering you to pay for the "privilege" of doing things you want to do which harm (nor obligate) no other person? The sooner you throw off your yoke the sooner you can get started.

These are exciting times and I can't wait for you to get here! What are you waiting for? Come on!


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