Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Missing details?

I hope you'll forgive me when, in these contra-chronal messages in a bottle, I leave out some detail of life here in Libertopia that seems critical, from your perspective, to the situation being described. I don't mean to leave out anything important to your understanding, but I'm sure it happens.
It is probably humanly impossible for me to avoid taking some aspects of liberty for granted. It is the ocean I swim in, and just as a fish might not notice the wetness of the water, Libertopians have a hard time always being aware of the liberty of Libertopia. That means that some detail in a narrative that you might wonder about, I might not even be noticing or think about explaining. I am trying to explain things more fully, when I realize you might need more, considering what I know of life in the Era of The State. That knowledge is incomplete.

Feel free to ask, if something (other than personal details) is missing.



  1. Hi Kent,

    You forgot to mention the electro-static air cars that made roads obsolete, along with the "who would build the roads?" argument for government.


  2. Well, since we still have roads, the "Who will build the roads" question is completely irrelevant... And I'll try to cover the other forms of transportation later. I can't give too many details about our technology without altering the timeline in unpredictable ways. ;)