Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elvis' Witnesses

A family of Church of Elvis, the King (Reformed) adherents moved in a few houses down. Oh my!

Now, it doesn't harm me if people wish to worship "The Presley" or anyone/anything else. They can wear whatever they feel their god/prophet wants them to wear, live by any rules they think their god/prophet would like them to observe, and try to convince others that their "way" is the "only true way".

My attitude is probably the same as the majority of Libertopians: Religion in Libertopia? Who cares? The faithful (or delusional) can't make rules that apply to anyone else, take over a non-existent State, or influence non-existent statutory laws, so as long as they don't initiate force or steal/defraud, and as long as they respect private property rights, they are harming no one but themselves.

Their hymns aren't too bad. Still... sequined capes don't look good on anyone.


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