Thursday, September 8, 2011

Formerly "public"- Currently thriving

Those of you reading these dispatches from your perspective in the era of government wouldn't believe how some of the traditionally "public" services have thrived since they lost their coercively-stolen funds.

Libraries, some even with actual paper and glue BOOKS, abound. They have innovated in ways you probably can't imagine. I'll bet more people use libraries now than at any other time in history.

The same obviously goes for space travel. It never took off (pun intended) until freed from the burden of being "too big for anyone but government" to do. You'd almost think governments were desperate to keep the tax cows earthbound and within milking distance.

I've talked about roads already. And museums.

Of course, some things did die out. No more police, "public schools", or terrorist recruiting programs (what you called "The War on Terror"). No more EPA, BATFE, DEA, or Department of XYZ. No more jackbooted thugs raiding dairies, houses, businesses or whatever, for doing something perfectly consensual and honest that the government had decided to regulate. No more State.

It seems that "taxation" enslaves the one who is being stolen from and also the one who receives the stolen property. It is obvious once you take off the statist blinders.


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