Friday, September 30, 2011

Bon Appetit!

What you eat can kill you!

Sure, that is pretty common knowledge, and scary- but it's also natural and normal. It certainly is no one's business but your own.

You could eat the healthiest diet possible- and choke to death. And few people agree to any great degree what the "healthiest diet possible" really is, anyway. Even now.

Some foods contain bacteria that could make some people sick under the right (wrong?) circumstances. Some foods can contain prions that can cause trouble. Some foods will cause you to get really fat or die of heart disease if you eat too much of them. Some foods probably even contribute to cancer!

Of course, all those things were more of a concern back when The State kept medical care expensive, rationed, and "behind the times", but even now some people eat themselves to death in one way or another.

And that is their choice. Friends and loved ones will sometimes mention the obvious. But if they get too pushy they could find themselves facing arbitration. A person who wants help can find it. If not- that is between them and anyone whom they might hire to insure their life and health, or have other contractual obligations with.

If someone wants to eat something, someone else will be willing to provide it for a price. As long as it initiates no force, obviously. Consensual trade between self-responsible individuals. Let the customer know what they are getting, and finding out the consequences of their food choice is up to them. That's pretty easy, though, with modern technology.

If any vendor of "raw milk products" found herself the victim of a raid by armed thugs, she would shoot back, using equally-effective weaponry, confident that (if she survived the fight with her home-turf advantage) any surviving thugs would find themselves crushed under a mountain of debt and obligation that they would be unlikely to ever fully repay. I've read that this wasn't always the case.

In the case of contaminated foods, liability for any harm caused is good incentive to take pains to prevent it. Therefore several inspection services are available for hire by food providers or their insurers. Competition, and a desire for a powerful reputation, keeps inspectors innovating and pushing the cleanliness envelope- in ways that make the food provider's life and job easier at the same time. It's a good system. And it provides for some spectacularly wonderful things to eat out there! Enjoy!


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