Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"No guns"- No deal

Wow! Today I started to go into a local business and saw something I have never before seen: a sign saying my gun was not welcome!

I should have noticed something was wrong as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. Mine was one of only 3 cars there. Did the others belong to employees? I'll never know since I pulled my hand off the door as if the handle were red-hot and covered in blood and gore. Which it might as well have been. I'll trade with a competitor who respects me, instead.

Here in Libertopia people are free to be stupid. And I am free to avoid dealing with those whose twisted notion of "property rights" includes violating mine. I'll be surprised if the business lasts long.

It has the potential to be an "exciting" short run, though. The few surviving armed-robbers still in practice might not have a very big window of opportunity to rob the only place around I know of that "guarantees" an unarmed victim pool for their craft.

"Unarmed", that is, unless customers don't notice the sign. If anything does occur, the business owners will be facing a lot of liability claims, either way.

Libertopians assume liberty, and it takes a lot to break through that assumption- in most cases a sign will probably not be enough to get their attention and make them realize their rights are not respected there. As a service, I have already told several people to be wary of that particular establishment. I also gave that information to the competitor I chose to patronize (they were already aware of the sign).

Good luck to them and to those customers foolish enough to give up their liberty and their security for- I'm not even sure what.


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