Monday, December 5, 2011

Checking in...

I know it's been a while since I sent one of these dispatches from your liberated future.

That doesn't mean Libertopia imploded; it means nothing noteworthy has happened recently.

If you want, you can always post a comment asking how such-and-such works out in Libertopia. Perhaps I just never considered that particular issue important.

Until next time, exercise your liberty so it doesn't get all flabby and gross.



  1. As a thinker on the vanguard of the great liberation, the biggest challenge I face, and one rarely mentioned by those who are deeply concerned about the roads and military invasion, is child abuse.

    How does the free society of the future deal with the very complex problem of parents who willfully do harm to their children?

    I recognize that the current Statist system does little to help and much to exacerbate the problem, and failure to have a compelling answer doesn't justify the current oppression we live under.

    I've heard a few suggestions to the problem, but I feel like this is a chink in my intellectual armor.

    Who will think of the children!?!?!

  2. Good question. I'll try my best to explain it all, which may take a day or two to make sure I don't leave out something important.