Thursday, June 23, 2011

Museum of Government- Gun prohibition

"Don't crowd, and let the folks in back see the display, please. Don't act like statists!

"Here we exhibit the ridiculous religion of 'victim disarmament'. Back in the 'Era of Government' it was euphemistically called 'gun control' even though guns were about the only thing it did not control.

"Parasitic liars in government convinced people that guns were the problem that caused 'crime' (the government substitute for 'aggression'). With their puppets in the old broadcast and print media, they pushed an agenda of disarmament and gun-owner vilification on an ignorant and fearful public.

"From our perspective of hindsight we can see the futility of thinking a 'law' would affect aggressors, but at that time too many people were fooled. Many, many innocent people were destroyed, physically and financially, by the hideously evil agents of the 'Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives'. There was not a single purpose behind that agency that was not an act of state terrorism and aggression.

"It took a lot of principle and ironically, guns, to keep the newly liberated mobs from stringing up those morally vacant enforcers after government died. Believe it or not, there are still a few old agents trying to pay restitution to their victims, but most committed suicide when they realized the scam was done and they would be known and held accountable for their acts of authoritarianism.

"Back to the main points: when people finally began to see that each new 'gun control law' caused an immediate increase in aggression on the part of the predators, both badged and free-lance, they began to demand that self-defense and its tools be decriminalized. The parasites fought back violently; realizing that without a monopoly of force, they could no longer treat people as state property. As you are well aware, it was a losing fight for them and their kind.

"Liberty was regained; aggressors (instead of tools) are controlled; and people will never again be fooled into allowing the most depraved among them to rule them. Each of us rules himself, as you know. For that matter, the desire to rule others has finally been recognized as a very dangerous sociopathic mental problem, so it is now treated and usually cured. The success rate is very high. It is a shame it was not cured thousands of years ago.

"The restrooms are here in the hallway, so we will take a short break while you refresh yourselves. You may have time to visit the snack bar or gift shop. We carry many of the books which were instrumental in bringing down statism. You might find them historically interesting. There will be an announcement when we are ready to continue."


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